Malcolm Healey
Malcolm HealeySales and Leasing

Malcolm Healey has a well-established proven track record as an industrial sales and leasing specialist.

With a long history in sales both overseas and within Australia, his pro-active approach has enabled him to establish a large network of investors, property owners and tenants.  

This, teamed with a genuine love of the negotiation process and the new challenge each deal brings, Malcolm proves time and again that open and honest discussion can ensure the very best result for a client, in a way that leaves every party satisfied.  

Commencing his commercial real estate career in a market downturn certainly has helped Malcolm develop his negotiating edge, continually expanding his market presence within the industrial northern corridor, consistently providing positive outcomes to clients as the trusted agent of choice. 

Malcolm is not one for sitting idle. Apart from enjoying quality time with family or a cheeky pint of craft beer with friends; you’ll find him engaged in adrenaline fuelled sports like surfing, wakeboarding, footy and squash.