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Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation

Tony Brooks joined the Board of Governors at Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation in 2020 enthusiastic for a new challenge to positively impact the lives of young West Australians. The Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation is a registered charity that supports young West Australians from all walks of life, in providing an all-hands-on deck sailing adventure aboard the STS Leeuwin II, Australia’s largest sail-training tall ship.

Tony’s efforts in his first year on the Board of Governors was instrumental in the Foundation securing $1 million in financial grants, support that was put toward the Leeuwin’s much needed survey and refit works. Success in securing these valuable financial contributions ensured the vessel’s return to the water, doing what it does best, inspiring young West Australian’s to be the best they can be.


Society for Gas and Marine Fuel

The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF) is a non-governmental organisation based in London who have recently expanded their footprint outside Europe and into the Asia Pacific region.

With the successful experience he gained as a former Founding Director of the LNG Marine Fuel Institute in Australia, Tony Brooks was elected Vice Chairman of the new SGMF Asia Pacific Committee for a 2-year term, in June 2021.

Tony is passionate about contributing to a cleaner more sustainable planet and has a keen interest in doing his part to improve awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of the world’s maritime and shipping industry transitioning to cleaner fuels such as LNG, ammonia and hydrogen.


Parkerville Children and Youth Care

Tony Brooks recently completed a five-year tenure as a Director and Board-member of Parkerville Children and Youth Care.

During his time on the Board, Tony rallied the Perth corporate community to assist in Parkerville’s tireless efforts to support vulnerable children, young people, and their families in the areas of child advocacy, youth outreach services, therapeutic services, education, training and out of home care.

Tony was integral in raising corporate awareness and sponsorship towards initiatives such as ‘The Stan and Jean Peron Child Advocacy Centre’, a new purpose built facility with an estimated $25 million in construction cost, built to provide modern and specialist services to disadvantaged children in need throughout Western Australia.