Altegra In The Community

Parkerville Children and Youth Care

Since Febuary 2015, our CEO Tony Brooks has been a part of the Parkerville Children and Youth Care Board. 

At Altegra, we get a real sense of achievement when we see firsthand the impact and influence, we are able to have, on thousands of wonderful Western Australian children. Parkerville children and Youth care makes a real difference to so many families, and we are honored to be a contributor to thier organisation

In May 2018, Parkerville Children and Youth Care commenced building Australia’s second Child Advocacy Centre – The Stan & Jean Peron Child Advocacy Centre, in Midland. The estimated cost of this construction is $22 million and as prolonged advocates and supporters of Parkerville Children and Youth Care, Altegra wanted to be part of this ambitious project and “bought a brick” to help provide modern and specialist services to the children of Parkerville